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Where can I get keys copied?

Reliable Locksmiths in Chapel Hill NC can provide you with copies of your keys in several different ways. If you come in and give us the original you can get keys copied that way. If you have a master key or specialized key with a serial number on it, we can often make the copy with just the number provided. The same is true for keys for cars and heavy equipment. If you have a transponder key we can also provide you with a copy of that entire unit, or just the ignition portion of the key too.

Best Locksmith in Chapel Hill NC

Do you install digital door locks?

Yes, Best Locksmith in Chapel Hill NC does install digital door locks. In fact, we do much more. We can help you to identify which points will benefit from having a digital lock. They are an excellent choice for entrances, but they can also improve your operations when installed on closets. For residences, they can be the right choice when you have someone in the family who has a problem keeping track of their keys.

Mitchel Security Locks Chapel Hill

Re-Keying Saves Plenty Of Money For You

Losing the residence keys is not a good situation to be in. Most people only know the option of installing new exit locks for security reasons. Our field has invented a better solution for you. Mitchel Security Locks Chapel Hill wants to save valuable money of yours. We have been offering re-keying service for couple of years at nominal charges. What is the basic function of rekeying service? Once the service has been finished, the genuine keys automatically become waste.

Key Duplication and Lockout Services

Key duplication – You can do it now or never!

Have you thought of making duplicate keys for your important locks? You may not feel the need now. But you won’t be able to do it when you have the need because the need will arise only when you lose the original keys and with no original keys, you can’t make any duplicate key! Get duplicate keys made now. You should have more than one key for each lock, with the second key kept in a safe place for use during emergencies. Get key duplication done by the experts Mitchel Security Locks.

24 Hour Locksmith Chapel Hill NC

Choose from a variety of door locks through us

When it comes to door locks there is only one name that can provide you peace of mind instantly - 24 Hour Locksmith Chapel Hill NC. Our locks are special in that they incorporate the best of technologies available to us and are made of superior quality materials so that they never fail to provide you with the kind of services you expect out of them normally.

Versatile home locks

Make Long Term Investment In Home Locks

We can provide you with a kind of locks which can be installed and uninstalled without hiring locksmith services. These locks can be removed from one door and installed at another whenever you want. The industry has named these locks as mobile home locks. Latest technology, easy to use and efficient features make mobile locks one of the best home security devices. Chapel Hill Locksmith has gained the supply of mobile locks from 5 top international security device manufacturers.

Some of our Services

Live A Worry Free Life By Using High Security Locks! Your life could become completely secure with the usage of high security locks. A high security lock is the one which cannot be broken. The key of these locks cannot be copied or duplicated. The mechanism of a high security lock is manufactured with inclusion of latest technology and high quality mechanical parts. Mitchel Security Locks is able to grab high security locks from top security devices manufacturing companies around the world. When it comes to locks, there is no better lock than a high security lock.

What is a lock and key locksmith?

A key and lock locksmith is someone who is technically trained in most of the skills of locksmithing such as, mechanical. They have reached a certain understanding of the different types of locksmithing that there is. The only thing that a lock and key locksmith has not learned yet, or mastered is the safe unlocking. This skill is a specialty that is learned by a locksmith that wants to expand his skills or has a knack / hobby for this type of lock breaking. But a lock and key locksmithers can learn to unlock safe with the right education.

Days of a locksmith

It was a particularly cold February to be working as a locksmith in Chapel Hill and not just because of the weather. I received a phone call from what I believed was a normal lock change for a nice female customer. She calls and says that she was locked out and needed new locks and keys. It seemed extravagant but she paid normally and she was grateful. Her ID checked out that this was her house so I didn't think anything was going until later that afternoon.

Days Local Mebane Locksmith

Mebane Locksmith Chapel Hill is a licensed, professional locksmithing company . We proudly serve the area in and near Mebane . We offer the fast in complete residential locksmith, commercial locksmith, and automotive locksmith solutions. We carry products from the biggest brands that meet any kind of budget, for any type of security need. Our top-of-the-line products and services, Our professional locksmith team consists of licensed technicians, most of whom have been practicing locksmiths for far longer than we have been open as a business.

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