Mitchel Security Locks

How to get keys copied

When you need to get keys copied all you really have to do is come down to Mitchel Security Locks. We can copy just about any key and more. If you don’t have a key, but you do have the registry or serial number for the key issue we can copy it too. Another way we can make keys is to match the unit to the manufacturer specs, this usually applies to heavy machinery. If you have a car key to be copied, electronic or not, we also can do it. Have questions? Call us and one of our friendly professionals can help you with whatever you need.

Are locks rekeyed as good as the original?

Locks rekeyed are just as good as the original, if not better. There are many different reasons for rekeying a lock. There is the obvious one such as in the event of an eviction or move out, but locks wear out too. If you are having a problem with your keys working the problem may be in the lock. The experts at Mitchel Security Locks have years of experience working on client’s locks. Rekeying can save you the expense of replacement and help keep vintage doors and locks intact too. When you need to find out what can be done, talk to the experts that really know what your options are for rekeying locks.

What is a master key system?

A master key system allows you to issue individual keys to suites and rooms while also maintaining access to all areas of your property. The master key can open all of the locks, but the individual keys can only open their assigned door. This helps with everything from lockouts to maintenance. At Mitchel Security Locks we have helped many businesses switch over to the master key process. We not only install the system, but we also keep key files so replacements are easy to make. Call us today to find out how we can help you stay efficient while providing security to your tenants.

What’s involved with new locks installation?

New locks installation involves more than just placing the lock in the door. Our expert locksmiths at Mitchel Security Locks have years of experience installing all kinds of locks. We can help you get set up, but we can also help you make sure that you are getting the right locks for your doors. Not every door needs a high security lock, and some doors need the highest possible security. Call 919-229-8980 today and speak to one of our professionals. We can help you plan your locks installation so it doesn’t interfere with your day and delivers the security you need as fast as possible.