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365Locksmith East Chapel Hill, leaders of new technology Transponder Keys.

Automotive industry is now based on electromechanical concepts. Electronics is involved in functioning of the most featured part of a vehicle. All new locking systems are based on electronics. The latest invention in the automobile locking system is the use of transponder keys. Many brands are equipped with this electronic device to avoid theft. Keys cannot be duplicated nor any other key enable to start or open the car. Locksmith Raleigh and East Chapel Hill, a team of experts is capable for designing and manufacturing electronic device for security. You can reach us and specify your requirements for this key. We are confident to provide you our best quality and efficient locking system.

Mitchel Security Locks East Chapel Hill offer to install master key system.

Single key solution to all door locks, Install master key system in your houses or apartments. Mitchel Security Locks East Chapel Hill is now launching new electronic system in the market. The system has only single key to open and close all the locks available in the facility. Amazing thing about the key is that all though different locks have different keys, but all the lock can be opened and unlocked by a single master key. Our company has mastered in manufacturing such lock system. These systems are readily available in the market under our trade mark. We also provide the installation services to our clients, with after sales warranty and timely maintenance.

Key copied for extra set of key by Locksmith East Chapel Hill

Keys copied manually, never resulted in accuracy and a perfect match. Using files, hammer, pliers never produced a quality key for the locks. Takes time in developing a duplicate key, manually. Even after that the results are never the same as desired. Mitchel Security Locks East Chapel Hill owns a quality key copier machine. We offer duplication and develop duplicate keys in not more than two minutes time. Assure perfect match to the original key. We guarantee quality key, and use perfect material. Find our nearest customer service center and visit us. We will help you in duplicating your keys using our modern technology machinery.

Locks rekeyed for safety by locksmith East Chapel Hill

Mitchel Security Locks East Chapel Hill, has excellent reputation in manufacturing and servicing locks and keys of all types and shapes. Locks rekeyed, was never as easy as it is now. Our company makes you available our expert technicians at single call. They will serve you getting your locks rekeyed. The procedure involves a slight alteration in the locking system. Cylinder inside is replaced by a new one. This new cylinder will accept only new keys to unlock. Attempt to open the lock with old key will not work. If you yourself aware of the procedure to replace the cylinder. You can ask us to provide rekeying kit and you can save some amount.