Versatile home locks

Make Long Term Investment In Home Locks

We can provide you with a kind of locks which can be installed and uninstalled without hiring locksmith services. These locks can be removed from one door and installed at another whenever you want. The industry has named these locks as mobile home locks. Latest technology, easy to use and efficient features make mobile locks one of the best home security devices. Chapel Hill Locksmith has gained the supply of mobile locks from 5 top international security device manufacturers. Mobile locks are slightly expensive than other locks. However, when you pay for them you know that you are making a lifetime investment.

Don’t neglect your Vehicle locks

People take care to service the locks at their homes periodically. At least, they will apply oil or grease on them to make them work smoothly. But people take vehicle locks for granted. If the door lock or the trunk lock of your vehicle gets stuck, what will you do? Car mechanics may not be able to help. If you get them repaired by some amateur locksmith available in the locality, you run the risk of the lock getting stuck again. Get your vehicle locks serviced periodically by professional locksmiths like Mitchel Security Locks. For any vehicle lock problem, call us for fast service.

Window locks repairs – approach the right people

You may think window locks are not so important as door locks and may adopt a casual approach towards repairing your window locks. Any lock has a purpose and is important. If you allow your window locks repaired by someone with no skill or experience, you will have problems in operating the windows in future. The problem with the lock may recur. Make it a point to get your window locks serviced by Mitchel Security Locks who has skilled and experienced locksmiths to handle all kinds of locks including locks with a delicate mechanism. Call us for securing your windows properly.

Work weekends and exchange your time for money

What do you do during the weekends? Most of us just while away the time doing nothing. What will you say to an offer for converting the time you waste during weekends into money? Here is an exciting opportunity. Spend a few hours during the weekends for Mitchel Security Locks and stuff your pockets with some cash you can use. The job involves servicing locks. No problem if you are not skilled. We will train you to become a professional locksmith. Call us if you are willing to work weekends. Just sacrifice a few lazy hours and earn a second income.