Mitchel Security Locks Chapel Hill

Choosing the right patio door locks

Many homeowners don’t think through the patio door locks they choose, going with whatever comes with the door and a broomstick in the runner. At Mitchel Security Locks Chapel Hill we carry a full range of patio locks that can help you keep your home and family safe. They come in a wide variety of styles so you don’t have to make your patio look fortified in order to be safe. Talk to us to find out what we recommend for patio locks, and the security systems these doors can tie into best. That can be the best way to spend your money wisely and keep your home safe.

Why radio-dispatched locksmiths are your best bet

Some of our customers have asked if having radio-dispatched locksmiths is really necessary and the answer to that is, ‘yes.’ When a Mitchel Security Locks Chapel Hill locksmith is sent out on a job the dispatcher can make sure that they are located near enough to make response time fast. They can also dispatch the locksmith right from their current job to help you so you don’t have to wait. This can make all the difference on a cold night, and can be the best way to keep work rolling. When you need a locksmith fast call us for service that can get you back on track.

The best way to remove broken keys

The best way to remove broken keys depends on where the key broke along the shaft. Keys that are broken high near the tab can be grasped with pliers and removed. If the break occurs further down then you will need the services of Mitchel Security Locks Chapel Hill. When you call us we will dispatch an experienced locksmith to help you out. Our technicians have the right tools to get out keys that are flush to the plate and may even be broken off inside the lock. If you need to have the lock disassembled to remove the key, have one of our professional locksmiths to it fast.

Get your safes unlocked fast

There are many reasons you may need safes unlocked and not have the key, code or combination to do it yourself. This is when you should call us at 919-229-8980. Mitchel Security Locks Chapel Hill prides itself in having the experience and tools to get you into any type of safe. Whether you have to make sure it is disconnected from an alarm system first, or need the safe removed and then opened – we are prepared to get the job done. Safes aren’t for amateurs, so let us save you time and get your safe open fast. Our locksmiths are skilled, professional and reliable. With our 24/7 service you never have to wait.