Locksmith Durham – Mitchel Security Locks Service

Mitchel Security Locks Durham sells and installs Padlocks

Keeping your valuables secure is our number one priority, and there is no better way to secure a storage space or container than Padlocks. You might think buying a cheap lock is no big deal, but an inexpensive padlock is easily broken or picked. Mitchel Security Locks Durham sells only the highest quality locks that are guaranteed to remain secure. Coming to our location to purchase a quality lock is easy, but for those who need more help we can send a service person our to you to guarantee you get the right type of lock that fits your needs.

Mitchel Security Locks in Durham is ready to remove broken keys

Broken keys are tricky to remove, and trying to do it on your own can result in breaking the lock itself. Lock cylinders are easily compromised when a broken key is stuck in the lock. You need a professional to remove broken keys without breaking your lock. Calling 919-229-8980 is the smart move when you break a key. Locksmith in Durham will come to your location fast, and have your lock functional again in no time. We can also help you get a new set of keys to finish the task and get your security back on track.

Durham locksmith the best place to get Vehicle keys made

Whether you have a new vehicle or you lost your spare car key, Mitchel Security Locks Durham is here for you. We provide excellent locksmith services and you can be sure there is no better place to get Vehicle keys made. When you need a new car key fast you want to be certain that it works for unlocking as well as ignition. Cheap key copy places often make keys that do not work in the ignition. Come to the locksmith you can trust to make functional car key copies today.

Locksmiths who always work weekends

Nothing is worse than getting an answering machine message when you make that critical call to the locksmith. Being locked out of your home or car can be dangerous on top of being inconvenient, and many locksmiths are closed on weekends when you need them most. Mitchel Security Locks Locksmith in Durham NC is always prepared to work weekends. When you call us, no matter what day it is, we are at our offices and will dispatch a technician to get you back on track at an affordable price. Make your first call the right call, don’t waste your time with other locksmiths.