Mitchel Security Locks in Chapel Hill NC

Where can I get transponder keys made?

It used to be that the only way to get transponder keys was to order them directly from the manufacturer. That was very expensive and more people opted to go with an unchipped key than to replace the original. Fortunately, the industry has standardized the process and now you can get them made at Mitchel Security Locks in Chapel Hill NC. Make sure you call us as your best bet is to bring the car in when you have the chipped key made. We can grind the key and program the chip, but testing it on the spot makes sure it works the first time.

How hard is it to change my vehicle locks?

There are a lot of reasons to change your vehicle locks. If you have lost your keys or have replaced a door due to damage it can help to standardize the key type you carry. One of the most popular requests we get at Mitchel Security Locks in Chapel Hill NC is to change the locks to incorporate a more advanced security system. Changing the locks is not a labor intensive job, it just takes professional skill to install them properly so they work the way they should. Our representatives can help you pick out the best lock for your car and we can even come to you to do the installation.

Finding the best window locks for your home

There is a surprising variety to the types of window locks that are now available. At Mitchel Security Locks in Chapel Hill NC we help people pick the right types of locks for each window. While you may need high security locks on your first floor, your second floor windows may not require the same type. You can also integrate many of the lock types into your security system too. Rather than try and figure it out on your own, call our experts. We can help you pick the right locks and install them for you too.

Do locksmiths work weekends?

Our locksmiths do work weekends and come assist you wherever you are in our service area. At Mitchel Security Locks in Chapel Hill NC we know that issues with locks, whether it is a lockout or you are in the middle of a project that requires them, don’t always happen during convenient business hours. This is why we offer a 24/7 radio-dispatched service. Just call 919-229-8980 at any time and the dispatcher will send a professional locksmith to you as soon as they are available. We know that life happens, and we strive to be there for you to take care of all your security needs.