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Don’t panic, call the professionals

For high-security jobs, you will want to hire Mitchel Security Locks in Pittsboro NC to really give you the assurance that the panic bars they install will be secure enough. Anyone can install panic bars, but only our locksmiths can really give you the confidence that those panic bars will work. If you need the installation of panic bars or high security dead bolts, then you have really come to the right place. We are the business of Pittsboro NC. We are number one in NC.

Highly trained professionals available at your service

Mitchel Security Locks Pittsboro NC is available at any time of day or night to help you if you are having issues with your home or car lock system. The services provided by professionals are in high demand due to the high number of people losing their keys or requiring duplicate keys for their cars and homes. With this high demand, we have ensured that our locksmiths receive the best possible training that will enable them handle all types of locks and key systems.


Any recommendations will just lead you back to us

How can I find service near me? You can easily find Mitchel Security Locks in Pittsboro NC as most of us are well known and have provided services to some of your neighbors. If you need someone to make duplicate keys or unlock your door, just ask around and you are bound to be directed to locksmith Pittsboro NC.

Any kind of residential, business and automotive lock

Mitchel Security Locks Pittsboro NC is available to assist you with all of your car security needs including unlocking your car or providing you with a set of new keys and locks. When it comes to locks, most people have a notion that they only deal with fixing keys for residential and business premises.

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Call the best; call our locksmith in Pittsboro NC at 919-229-8980 for great quick, reliable services. Additionally, whenever you need an installation, repair, or replacement of high security dead bolts for the home or office, our pros have the capability to get the job done expertly.