Reliable Locksmiths in Chapel Hill NC

Where can I get keys copied?

Reliable Locksmiths in Chapel Hill NC can provide you with copies of your keys in several different ways. If you come in and give us the original you can get keys copied that way. If you have a master key or specialized key with a serial number on it, we can often make the copy with just the number provided. The same is true for keys for cars and heavy equipment. If you have a transponder key we can also provide you with a copy of that entire unit, or just the ignition portion of the key too. Having spare copies can help prevent lockouts, and can make it easier to manage vacations and trips.

What’s involved with having locks rekeyed?

Having your locks rekeyed isn’t a big deal. There are several ways that you can do this. If you are having an entire set done, the locksmith from Reliable Locksmiths in Chapel Hill NC can bring out cylinders and new keys. They will then replace the interior cylinder in the locks. If you are only having one or two locks rekeyed then you can either have one of our technicians come out, or you can remove the locks and bring them in. Either way, we will replace the cylinder and provide you with a new key for your lock. The entire process only takes an hour or so, depending on how many locks are involved.

What are the advantages of a Master key system?

Having a Master key system can provide you advantages whether you want them installed on your home, or for a commercial business. A Master key system reduces the number of keys you have to have and allows for one key to open all the doors the registered lock type is installed in. For homes, this can simplify things, especially with children. One key can provide access to all the exterior doors. Reliable Locksmiths in Chapel Hill NC can also install these systems in offices and commercial residential buildings to make security and maintenance easier too.

What’s involved with new locks installation?

Call Reliable Locksmiths in Chapel Hill NC at our number when you are ready for new locks installation. Our experienced locksmiths will help you to select the right locks for the doors and areas, and then install them quickly. Some installations require a hole to be drilled and locking plate to be installed in the matching jamb. Others are drilled on and affixed, this is common with metal type security doors. No matter what type of door you have, we can provide you with the new locks installation you need. We offer 24/7 service so you never have to leave a room or building unsecured. Call us and let us help keep what’s important to you safe.