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5 out of 5 stars

Chapel Hill Locksmith are great!!

Reviewer: John Carrol – July 11, 2013
I needed to get on the other side of the city on a cold winter day. The snow was knee deep and on top of that I needed to stop and get gas. Perfect I thought to myself. I got out the car and closed the door. As soon as the door closed I knew exactly what I had done. Engine running, windows rolled up and keys in the ignition. I was so frustrated I walked over to the gas attended and asked to use to phone. I need a locksmith in Chapel Hill, NC and told the automated prompt on the other line. I listened to the phone ring and there was no answer. I thought to myself for a minute and dialed other locksmiths in Chapel Hill, NC. This one picked up and was polite. A van pulled up shortly after I got off the phone. The two men got the car door open in a matter of minutes. I was so grateful I gave them both a tip in addition to the service charge. They left giving me a bit of advice to avoid this situation again. They told me to get a magnet and place a spare key on the back of my license plate.

My emergency date: July 10

5 out of 5 stars

Best locksmith experience ive ever had

Reviewer: Raya Stevens – July 06, 2013
While I was visiting my cousin up north I happened to lock myself out of her car. So I needed to find a locksmith in Chapel Hill, NC quick. Not only did we have to get in the car, I also had a flight to catch. I called a local locksmith and they had a quick turnaround. I had already missed my flight and I was quite angry with myself. They proceeded to ask me questions about the ownership of the car. I explained my situation to them. They actually refused to open the door until they saw some proof of ownership; which in oversight made me quite pleased to see that they provided great security. I think it was my out of state license that they where concerned about. The locksmith saw my frustration and assured me that this was just protocol. He even sat and waited with me for me for my cousin to arrive. I was glad that I called a locksmith in Chapel Hill, NC that was helpful and understanding. His work was professional and quick. I truly appreciated the help.

My emergency date: July 06

4 out of 5 stars

They are fast!

Reviewer: Tina Melinsky – May 27, 2014
After returning home from a stressful family vacation after a nice ten hour road trip with three screaming boys, I get to the front door to realize I left the keys at the motel. That is when the sirens began. My three boys went from screaming to scream crying to childish violence. They just started throwing rocks at the house and then at each other. It wasn’t five minutes out of the car and they were trying to destroy the world. At least the rocks were being targeted at my house. It was only a matter of time before the kids start to see the neighbors’ cars as targets. They don’t sell insurance for car damage done by those demons. I saw on google from my smartphone a number for a 24 hour lock smith and with in fifteen minutes I was in my house. It was so fast that the kids only had time to do minor damage to themselves and the world around them. I was able to put them in the play room and gave them some foam bats. They just smacked the crap out of each other until they fell asleep.