Days of a locksmith

It was a particularly cold February to be working as a locksmith in Chapel Hill and not just because of the weather. I received a phone call from what I believed was a normal lock change for a nice female customer. She calls and says that she was locked out and needed new locks and keys. It seemed extravagant but she paid normally and she was grateful. Her ID checked out that this was her house so I didn’t think anything was going until later that afternoon. I got another phone for the same address but a male character who said he lived at that same address and his keys are not working. After talking to him on the phone. I realized what was going on. He was going through a messy divorce and he is competing with his wife for various things around their house. This was a bit too dramatic for my day to day life style. After that I went home with a bouquet of roses for my wife.
Later that day I received a job from a landlord who had not seen his tenant in about ten days. The landlords papers checked out and I was on site opening the apartment door when I noticed the worst smell that I have ever come across. It is never fun walking in a dead body. That sort of stuff just lingers in your mind for a long time. This is why I hate February. It is all this pressure from Valentines Day that causes all sorts of trouble for relationships.